Convenient travel insurance on the go, like asking travel insurance from a friend

The digital revolution has transformed the travel industry. People are overwhelmed by travel options. For travel marketers looking to persuade customers to book their next getaway, it can be hard knowing how to adapt to these changes.

A decade or two ago, planning a vacation was a complex affair. For most of the people, it involved a visit to a travel agent who presented us with a set of limited options: a handful of destinations, restricted departure and return dates, and few opportunities to adapt the trip to our own tastes. Fast forward to today, and thanks to the internet, we quite literally have the world at our fingertips. But while technology has democratized the act of researching and booking a vacation, it’s also created what psychologists call the paradox of choice. The more options we have, the more anxious and undecided we feel.

An average purchase journey for a single hotel room lasts 36 days; hits 45 touch points, distributed among search engines and the sites of intermediaries and suppliers; and involves multiple devices.” (Source: People are searching and comparing information just about everything, using various search engines, intermediaries and social media platforms. And there are more than enough insurance providers, who are trying to reach the same buyers at the same time. Also, on top of the most popular social media platforms, people tend not to download any further mobile applications that they are not using on a daily basis, like an app just for travel insurance. So after the 30th touchpoint you can target the user well, because the big pages know what he or she was looking for. When they’re overwhelmed with options, most people’s instinct is to do a little more research. We saw that user behavior in the clickstream data. In 2018, 31% of accommodation searches started on search engines, up from 23% in 2017.

Travel is a complex, high-anxiety purchase. Unlike a pair of shoes, it’s hard for customers to return a two-week vacation. So, while you might want to improve your conversion rate, resist the temptation to jump straight to the sale. Instead, focus on helping curious customers explore ideas and be inspired.

You need to embrace the omnichannel shopper and engage them better than your competitors. At its most basic that means creating fast, intuitive, and seamless experiences across desktop, mobile pages, and apps. Via our chatbot, you can reach your buyers at their convenience. With digital playing an increasingly important role in the path to purchase, travel companies can and should invest more in their digital experiences and technology to drive differentiation and loyalty. It’s no surprise that search and mobile devices are playing a more outsized role than ever before, and companies that support and personalize these experiences in a seamless way will set themselves up for success in the years to come. You can run broad or micro-segmented campaigns that will send potential customers to the chatbot. Once a user is landed on our chatbot, you can re-target and re-engage them free of charge. Our conversational interface enables automation of the most recurring tasks while provides a deeper insight into what the customers are looking for. End to end selling of travel insurance is available with payment and CRM integration. Coupons, discounts or lucky draws can also be handled within the same system. Shoppers can also recommend your chatbot to their contact with a push of a button.

The chatbot friend can serve the customer with travel insurance in the expanse of a few clicks as it remembers the user’s details from its context. Our chatbot is available on the major chat platforms that your customers are using every day, like Viber, Line or Telegram. There is no need to download a new application while the same user experience is provided through all devices or even cross-platform. Talk-A-Bot’s chatbot uses automated communication thus saves time, money and energy while creating better engagement with new target customers. Fast, accurate and 0-24 response rate for time-sensitive information. GDPR compliance is also provided by the platform.