Company introduction


Talk-A-Bot is an enterprise chatbot provider with regional offices in Europe and Singapore. Our aim is to automate and monetize business to human communication. Companies already spend too much time and money on recurring, repetitive communication tasks. We believe that human capital is the most valuable asset of any corporation, as only people are able to conduct creative tasks. By automating communication, we turn digital business conversations into secure, app-like services for both customers and employees. With creating meaningful conversations, we change your company’s internal and external communication to a fast, effective and a simply better experience.

Talk-A-Bot’s own methodology includes that we apply sophisticated open-source technologies – AI, NLP and Machine learning – to create intuitive business tools. Our clients’ data isn’t shared with open-cloud services like Google or Microsoft. Our unique, multilingual bots natively support 100+ languages and built from over 30 integrable function modules of our very own framework. Technology is important, but it won’t deliver the desired user experience without the content. Our content communication know-how helps our clients to achieve at least 85%-95% response accuracy rate with their chatbots.

All bots we’ve ever made are different, because they are tailored to the cultural, geographical and business needs of each client. We provide marketing and content management service and a customized bot personality – character, communication style, avatar. Choose from our ready-made use cases for lead generation, digital coupons, loyalty campaigns, micro-education, marketing automation, internal business communication or customer service.

Creativity is our privilege, let the chatbots do the rest!



  • Viber Preferred Enabling Partner
  • Forbes Hungary: Top 20 Fintech startups to watch
  • Nestlé Hack Your Company #1
  • Microsoft co-sell partner
  • MassChallange Top 10 startup of Central Europe
  • Get in the Ring 2018 Global Heavyweight #2
  • Rakuten Techstars Alumni
  • 2019: two million Euro private investment