Interaction&Marketing automation
Enterprise grade technology
Chatbot marketing know-how


Talk-A-Bot- we offer chatbot as a full-range solution for corporate clients and major brands

Techstars backed company

Why do you need a chatbot?

Because you want to communicate with your customers on a platform they already use!

Chatbots are not for chatting, they are your hard-working, money-making tools for better efficiency and greater user experience. We developed a universal framework natively supporting more the 50 languages and all popular chat platforms. Our unique bots are built from over 30 integrable function modules and leverage the chatbot-marketing know-how built from tens of millions of conversations. All chatbots we’ve ever made are different, because they are tailored to the needs of each client. This is also a marketing and content management service besides the software development. Cool isn’t it?

Let’s see our 3 main components!

Interaction&Marketing automation

With an automated chatbot service, you can forget about mobile applications, e-mails, and human resources for social media platform maintenance…

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Enterprise grade technology

Not all chatbots are created equal. Most of them fit the requirements of a beauty salon, but our companies work in highly regulated environments, so we built Talk-A-Bot with security, privacy and…

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Chatbot marketing know-how

We develop unique and customized bot personalities (character, communication style, avatar) to avoid the feeling of talking to a cold machine…

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Are you a tech-addict? Join the family!

Here you find Talk-A-Blog, Talk-A-Bot’s blog. We are crazy about technology, VR, AR, AI, – basically,
anything with 2 letters gives us goosebumps – not even mention fin-tech, machine learning, natural
language processing, and for sure chatbots. That’s why we bring our fav developments, new trends,
exciting events here. You can also read about our new chatbots, so be the part of the future and
follow our blog!

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The future of customer support is moving towards. Offering support not only through a website or a phone line; but on chat is basic and must have nowadays. Customers rather try to reach their companies through chat than a phone. Chatbots are offering sector-specific solutions:


We are chatbot experts. We’re up to date regarding all news and trends. But chatbot development
is not the only a part of our services. We aim to become a global thought leader in terms of
marketing and business value of chatbots.

TaB Story - Founders


Ákos Deliága

Managing Director
Business Development

Gergely Kalydi

Managing Director

László Papp

Head of Marketing

Tamás Szálka

Head of Development

Besides the four co-founders Talk-A-Bot employs 15 full-time developers, 5 persons in back office, 6 persons is sales and works exclusively with a team of 9 marketing experts to introduce our client’s chatbots to the public.


Meet our chatbots! Please click on the logos to test our working chatbots that we have created for our clients!

ERSTE chatbank – Banking solutions2018-09-06T10:43:23+01:00
Nemzeti Közműszolgáltató – Utility solutions2018-09-17T15:35:12+01:00
Galaxy chatshop – Cosmetics for men2018-09-06T10:02:36+01:00
Femina bot – News portal2018-09-06T10:00:31+01:00
Sziget Festival bot2018-09-06T09:58:45+01:00
Stand-up comedy bot2018-09-06T09:55:19+01:00
Recipe portal – Nosalty bot2018-09-06T09:46:45+01:00
Árkád Budapest shopping center – Plaza Kitty chatbot2018-09-06T09:51:17+01:00
Index bot – news portal2019-02-07T13:09:05+01:00


We are very proud to be selected as one of the nine key strategic partners of Viber in the CEE  region.

We have a close working relationship with the Central European University.

In 2018 Talk-A-Bot has been selected for Rakuten Accelerator Programme powered by Techstars in Singapore. From July this mentorship-driven accelerator will focus on disrupting and revolutionizing how businesses and consumers use messaging to conduct business and stay connected.






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