Every project is different, though there is a certain methodology which gives a basic frame to our service. It is a classic “issue – planning – action” cycle where all of your individual needs are satisfied.  We utilize our chatbot know-how and field experience to create a framework with a methodology which shortens this cycle, delivering the personalized, intelligent chatbot quickly for your enterprises.


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  • - Specification of your goals
  • - Description of your issues
  • - Details of our wishes
  • - Business case delivery


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  • - Project roadmap
  • - User engagement plans
  • - Go-Live strategy
  • - Content and strategy


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  • - Infrastructure setup
  • - Manage integration
  • - Agile development
  • - Data access and privacy


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  • - Daily activity reports
  • - Deep data analysis
  • - Quick custom dashboards
  • - Machine learning and AI


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  • - New Features
  • - New content
  • - 7/24 support
  • - Daily robot trainings


Chat platform framework
The framework can be integrated with any online service (e.g. reservation system, payment gateway, e-commerce etc.) or with a database (e.g. CRM, ERP, DWH) and control the conversation from the external system. Talk-A-Bot’s chatbot framework is designed to comply with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which is mandatory from May 2018.

Controlled machine learning
Controlled machine learning is a key element to a successful chatbot. Using real-world user interactions, the knowledge base of our chatbots is regularly updated. The process of machine learning is always controlled by humans to make sure the chatbot is learning valid and proper communication.

Marketing strategy
The bot-marketing strategy is always in-line with brand guidelines and it’s synchronized with other marketing channels and activities. We can help you use the chatbot to create a better customer experience.

Chatbot personality
We create a character and style for your bot. Comply your content with goals, bot personality and chat context. Good functionality is the minimum, but users come back for the experience. A proper bot personality supports the building of trust. The whole bot communication style should be coherent with the personality.

Bot data analysis
User and chat data are collected by Talk-A-Bot into Big-Data system which enables further analysis. BOT-Data is used for user profiling, reaction analysis, data mining and to gain further insight on correspondences. This software component delivers unique added value to our partners as they can improve marketing communication on other channels as well.

Customizes business logic
We introduce functions required for the marketing and business purpose. These are must have functions which are expected by users from the brand.  Aim for bidirectional communication and a lively conversation. Think long-term, introduce new functions gradually.

System integration
We offer a wide range of opportunities solutions to integrate our chatbots to basically any kind of platforms. 

Business goals
The starting point of designing a new chatbot from scratch is to define the business goals first. We always deliver a business case to every chatbot!

Leverage existing knowledge base. Fit all content to goals, personality and chat context. Use rich communication tools: text, links, pictures, stickers, gifs, graphs, audio, video, attachments, etc. to increase user experience. Learn fast from your users to improve content using controlled machine learning. Lead user discussion with graphical user interface toolset: buttons, custom keyboards, questionnaires, etc.

Natural Language Processing
Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a field of computer science, artificial intelligence and computational linguistics concerned with the interactions between computers and human (natural) languages, and, in particular, concerned with programming computers to effectively process large natural language corpora.