Days of our lives – Japan, here we come!

TAB’s business development team simply never stops. In fact, they just came back from Japan. Ákos and Ádám (Director in Southeast Asia) held several talks. There were meetings and discussions with prospective clients in Tokyo, but the most exciting event was the visit to the Rakuten Group HQ. A short summary of Talk-A-Bot’s visit in Japan.

Talk-A-Bot @Rakuten HQ
Talk-A-Bot @Rakuten HQ

Talk-A-Bot in Japan and Rakuten

Rakuten’s global headquarter is called the Crimson House. The Talk-A-Bot business development team visited and had a look around the HQ of the giant e-commerce and fintech company in Japan. Later on, they caught up with the Techstars team from last summer. Rakuten is exceptionally successful: not only in Japan but also globally. This makes their support and our partnership especially important to us. In 2018 Rakuten developed many new tools and platforms utilizing big data, such as AI chatbots. In addition, the Rakuten Group implemented cross-company measures to comply with the strict GDPR regulations on handling personal data too.

Talk-A-Bot @Rakuten HQ
Talk-A-Bot @Rakuten HQ

Talk-A-Bot’s new product: CHEQ

Through Rakuten, several well-known Japanese brands have also become interested in the unique TAB product, CHEQ. CHEQ is the perfect communication tool for blue-collar workers. To begin with, because of its simple interface. It’s the very same messaging platform as Messenger or Whatsapp. In addition, it is also:

  • trackable & monitorable. You see who has seen your message and who is in or out of the group.
  • helping with managing the workflow. You can send out internal policies, announcements to specific employers.
  • handling holiday requests, sick leave reports or any other personal documents.
  • simpler and faster. It’s one channel for everything.
  • the best way to communicate with your workers.

Olympics and chatbots in Japan

It is also important that the 2020 Olympics will be held in Tokyo, Japan. Regarding this, preparation has already started. The entire city is thrilled! Still, handling such a large amount of inbound tourism is never easy. On the other hand, Tokyo has a plan and as expected, they dedicate a key role for chatbots. According to plans, the Olympics’ chatbots will be able to navigate tourists digitally. It is not a secret goal for us to have our chatbots to participate in this.

Shibuya crossing Japan
Shibuya crossing in Japan

Every time we visit a foreign market, we contact the local Hungarian embassies. This helps to strengthen relationships and company expansion. During our business development trip to Japan, we celebrated the Hungarian Revolution of 1848 at the Embassy of Hungary in Tokyo. Thank you very much for ambassador Dr. Norbert Palanovics and his team for the hospitality! We’re looking forward to our cooperation!