Talk-A-Bot takes Poland!

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Talk-A-Bot takes Poland!

We’re happy to announce that Talk-A-Bot has just established a polish company, Talk-a-bot Polska and we are ready to conquer the polish market. We asked Peter Illésy, our Business Development Manager on-site to fill us in with the details, pitfalls and challenges he had to overcome during the process.

1. How long have you been working at TAB?

I had my very first interview in December 2018 and started working somewhat in January this year.

2. How is the approach towards chatbots in Poland?

When talking with innovators the approach towards digital modernization is great, people are excited and keen on implementing new, cutting edge ideas for their businesses. When it comes to bigger entities the process of entering and sealing a deal becomes slower and sometimes especially in less developed areas we still have to explain what a chatbot is.

3. You think to create a polish entity will help with your efforts?

Surely! Numerous times we got great feedback about our services and references but the polish chatbot market is already quite saturated and with a polish company now, we can answer all questions regarding a company making it easier to create deals.

4. What were the difficulties you had to overcome while creating a polish company compared to Hungary? Do you have any fun facts for us?

To be honest, the process is quite hard. It requires multiple steps to create the proper legal background and even opening a bank account takes several weeks. We had the advantage of being accepted in an accelerator program, which helped us in the “soft landing” giving us a competitive advantage. Featuring the difficulty of opening an entity, there’s a program called PARP, in which the Polish government helps foreign companies to enter Poland. But all documentation and communication is conducted in polish…which makes it quite difficult for non-native businesses.

I can recall one funny story during the process was when our bank accountant told us the story of his recent training where the tax consultants referred to Poland as the second most difficult tax scene in Europe… Wonder which country landed first place? Hungary.

5. What are you and the company’s future goals?

The polish market is 4 times bigger than the Hungarian, therefore, we expect a substantial growth here compared to the Hungarian market. We’re excited about the future and we’re already in the process of hiring our first polish employee, a chatbot trainer.

Are you in Poland interested in chatbots? Contact Peter!

Talk-A-Bot Polska