CHEQ is now available in Microsoft Teams!

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CHEQ Microsoft Teams chatbot has arrived!

CHEQ is now available in Microsoft Teams!

CHEQ Microsoft Teams chatbot has arrived! As you may know Microsoft Teams is a chat-based digital workplace and it is also a key product of Office 365. It represents everything that users and managers strive to achieve, even if they do so along different lines: a joint work between individuals and groups. The purpose of Microsoft Teams is to enable the user to handle meetings, workplace documents, private meetings all within the application. In light of this, during the development of our CHEQ application, our goal was to be a part of this ecosystem.

We live in a digital world. Despite this, the manual workers and non-office employees do not officially have a business communication tool. At the same time, they use smartphones in their everyday lives, so they ought to be easily available. They use free messaging platforms, moreover, they have their own inner workgroups on WhatsApp and Messenger

CHEQ Microsoft Teams chatbot was mainly made for production companies where manual workers are not part of any digital ecosystems yet. Just imagine colleagues trying to contact you through a private channel because they can’t find you in the office. Not to mention occasions like urgent announcements when you have to reach everybody quickly. There are many situations like this, countless small questions and one may feel like they have answered them a thousand times, on a thousand plus one channels.


The purpose of chatbots is to automate communication, and the purpose of CHEQ is to automate the company’s internal communication. However, we would not want to provide an application to people, with which there is only more work rather than less. Because of this CHEQ’s first goal is to take a back seat. Manual workers use their own, already installed chat apps (Messenger, Viber, company application), but at the same time, the office employees, who get questions through the chatbot, or who simply want to communicate with the workers, can do so in Microsoft Teams.

Yes, CHEQ will be another application within Microsoft Teams besides the meeting planner, private chats and the document editor. We take great pride in the fact we managed to develop an integration that only few IT companies were able to do, and thus we can provide the best experience for the employees of production companies. Furthermore, their colleagues will message them less on Facebook and Viber, therefore their private lives can be protected.


Currently only those users can use the CHEQ application within Microsoft Teams whose company subscribed to the introduction of internal communication chatbot. If you would like to have it, you may read more about it on

In order to use CHEQ inside Microsoft Teams, all you have to do is to install the application for the company. CHEQ is a central distribution point, which authenticate the employees based on their Microsoft username.

CHEQ utilises all the opportunities offered by the Chrome engine powered Microsoft Teams. Menu points are accessible by tabs on the top, and the Conversations tab includes two more features. First and foremost, those who are on the other side of the chatbot, get messages from colleagues through the chatbot – it serves them as a notification centre. Here they can find out what questions were asked, by whom and in what topic. On the other hand, this is also the worker side of the chatbot for them, so they can be notified about the company announcements.