World Cricket Bot

Viber world cricket bot



In May 2019, cricket-loving countries –such as Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal and so on – were eagerly awaiting the start of the June Cricket World Cup held in England & Wales.

Viber saw a major spike in user growth during the tournaments with the excitement and fanfare surrounding the game. This is where Talk-A-Bot chatbot solutions and Viber’s aim came together and we started to work on the World Cricket Bot.


Send a reminder every morning for the matches of the day to make predictions

– users get a daily reminder about the upcoming matches.

Allow users to place bets

– users can submit the predictions for each match for 3 questions (guessing for both teams)


There are Global and Country Leaderboards, to see the most important thing: World Cup scores!

Invitation system

– users can invite a friend to play with or challenge their friends to predict better

Share information about the match schedule and the previous results

In cooperation with Viber, we delivered our sports game bot, within 7 weeks. The bot’s main aim is to promote the Viber platform in countries where cricket is a national sport. It does so by offering a cool platform to get information about the game, predict results and win. It’s intuitive, entertaining and an easy to use.

Game or quiz bots have immense potential for promotional campaigns, employee training, lead generation regardless of what industry you are in.

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