Our client realized that nowadays it’s a must to have a digital assistant because the whole booking experience gets easier and more comfortable with a virtual chatbot. From a business point of view, it also brings more leads, it’s engaging, so overall it saves time and money.


Real help

Piros helps to manage bookings and reservations


With the bot the entire booking can be managed or even canceled

Unique FAQ

that covers almost 100% of customer questions

Live chat

Customers can talk to a live operator if the bot can't help

“Piros” the virtual assistant helps you manage your booking and reservations. Customers are able to search for and save favourite hotels and accommodations. When the best hotel is found, customers can manage the entire booking on chat and even cancel reservations. Piros has a Hybrid chat feature too, meaning when the chatbot is not able to handle a certain question, customers can ask for a Hybrid chat and a real human person (from the Contact Centre) joins and continues the conversation.