Otthon centrum



Our client realized that nowadays it’s a must to have a digital assistant because the whole real estate and booking experience gets easier and more comfortable with a virtual chatbot. From a business point of view, it also brings more leads, it’s engaging, so overall, it saves time and money.


Excellent FAQ

The bot is teached to answer correctly to all the frequent questions

Flow of information

The bot gives information about loans and it can reach the full database of the available properties

More client touchpoints

better user experience under less time with decreasing costs


Customers can save the best properties they find

“Csilla” the chatbot helps you choose the real estate and – if needed – recommends loans as well. Her database is integrated with the Otthon Centrum’s website, so all the properties are available on chat, too. The bookmark function is helpful to find the perfect property. Csilla offers contact options to a specific agent, but you can also ask her to let you know when any changes happen regarding the chosen property (price, available/not available). Csilla immediately informs you if you switch on notifications. She can also act like a real advisor based on your search history and used filters. She analyses your data and helps you find the most suitable property. The algorithm provides more relevant offers than a human person can.