Erste bank hungary



Erste realized their contact centre has a greatly expensive maintenance fee even though the bank’s top 100 Frequently Asked Question is always the same.


Excellent FAQ

Mira is teached to answer correctly to all the frequent questions

Find ATM

Along with 30 different topics, the chatbot shows the nearest ATM

More client touchpoints

better user experience under less time with decreasing costs

Live chat

Customers can talk to a live operator as well

“Mira” is a well-prepared, sci-fi chatbot, who can answer customer questions in 30 different topics.
Her main function is to supplement human colleagues at the bank’s contact centre. Customers can ask her about new accounts, deposit, bank cards, mobile bank, mobilepay, travel insurances, personal loan, and many more.
Within the chatbot, customers are able to find the nearest ATM (selected from the chatbot menu, free-text search, or sending your own position). We also built in a GIRO-IBAN calculator, where the customer can calculate the IBAN equivalent of the Hungarian GIRO bank account numbers. The chatbot also features Live chat. 

As a part of the introductory campaign, we promoted Mira on Viber with a stunning, humorous, sticker pack campaign. Sticker downloaders immediately get in touch with the chatbot.