Dumaszínház has 60 theatres in Hungary, with 1,000 performances per year. Their goal was to maximize the number of tickets sold.

They were looking for an innovative, digital solution to easily get subscribers, increase conversion, and enhance user experience.


Customer profile

More relevant marketing messages can be sent

More touchpoints

Clients can have better user experience

Free text FAQ

This function not only reduces time and costs but also increases user experience

GDPR handling

The chatbot runs with full GDPR compliance

Talk-A-Bot’s solution offers more client touchpoints, better user experience under less time with decreasing costs. Using a chatbot, Dumaszínház can profile their customers, stay in touch with them and send more relevant marketing messages than ever before.

This innovative new channel offers the most popular services to consumers. The chatbot can handle each user in a fully personalized manner, that leads to up-and cross-sell, service loyalty and strong brand awareness.