British american tobacco



It’s not easy to communicate with 6000 tobacco shops and the sellers that are working in them.
That’s why our client needed an innovative, internal communication channel to handle their formal communication with the sellers more efficiently. Not replacing, but complementing their existing CMS system, they wanted to create a common, user-friendly information channel that is also able to navigate sellers directly to their main official internal site.


Excellent FAQ

The bot is teached to answer correctly to all the frequent questions

Flow of information

From roll cigaretts to rolling paper, the bot knows everything

More client touchpoints

better user experience under less time with decreasing costs

CMS integration

We completed the existing CMS system

We developed a chatbot to help and provide a flow of information to tobacco sellers. Out bot has a broad knowledge base with more than 160 FAQ topics from e-cigarette to rolling papers. Push messages are mostly used for driving traffic to the official site, but it also useful for sharing any immediate information. Sellers sign in through strict authentication due to the CMS integration