Bónusz brigád



Our client realized that nowadays it’s a must to have a digital assistant because the whole booking experience gets easier and more comfortable with a virtual chatbot. From a business point of view, it also brings more leads, it’s engaging, so overall it saves time and money.


Customized coupons

Brigi sends personal coupons to subscribed users

Bonus wheel

You can spin the wheel of fortune to earn bonuses

Unique FAQ

that covers almost 100% of customer questions


Customers can save and browse through coupons

„Brigi” chatbot sends customized coupons to subscribed users and answers FAQ. A „Bónuszkerék” is also available via chat – this wheel of fortune gamification feature only worked on the website until we integrated it into the chatbot. By spinning the „Bónuszkerék”, users can earn various prizes and coupons. The Chatbot-webshop integration has made it possible to integrate a coupon search engine into the chatbot that allows users to browse through coupons by category and bookmark their fav. or even buy them.