As it is one of the most important malls in Budapest, Árkád provides services and shops for many.

They needed a new and cool communication channel besides the contact centre and also a new digital way to handle their most important discount event „Coupon Days”.


Customer Service Colleague

For questions that are not included in the FAQ

Shopping assistant

A full assistant to store the shopping list, search stores and more!

Free text FAQ

This function not only reduces time and costs but also increases user experience

GDPR handling

The chatbot runs with full GDPR compliance

Promotional messages

Coupon days and promotions right in front of the customer's eye!

Handling emerging daily customer service issues –  automatic answers for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and fetching a customer service colleague for questions that are not included in the FAQ knowledge base.

Shopping assistant – stores the shopping list, search offers stores where the customer can find products based on the keyword, helps find the shops with attached maps. Create an interface for promotional messagescoupon days, promotions and unique bot coupons.