Increased customer engagement through consistent responses and proactive customer interactions with less pressure on the agents

When people think about customer care of different service providers and utilities it is quite rare to have positive thoughts. We expect everything to work properly and when something goes awry we are frustrated. Consumers have to pay bills, are bombarded with uninteresting news, experiencing problems and so on. Their experience is rarely pleasant.

Solution for you
Meanwhile companies would like to maintain a positive image via a direct relationship with their customers and keep a high payment morale for their services. It would also be beneficial to be able to upsell and cross sell other services. If we could provide personalized, timely messages like in the case of a service failure or when our representative can arrive we could avoid a lot of frustration on the user side helping a little bit with brand image improvement. Luckily, our chat-bots do exactly like that.

Good for your users
While companies prefer it, customers don’t like group collections, they want to have control over their spending. These days their mantra is, “my mobile is my computer” so a good part of the end-users want to simply manage their lives over their favorite device on the go.

When should you use it?
While mobile applications have certain advantages, these can only be exploited if the app is downloaded and used, which is increasingly rare. You have to be where your customers are, and they are more and more on messaging platforms. So, to serve your customers more efficiently and attract new customers you should use chatbot-enabled interactive experiences.

Ready with SAP integration and the usage of digitized services, you can fulfill those needs for certain segments while boosting your image and enhancing your business prospects. Your agents will thank you for less repetitive tasks but more interesting challenges, too!