Plázacica made coupon days easy

This year we prepared an amazing new chatbot feature for you for Coupon days at Árkád shopping centre. From now on you can find thousands of coupons on your phone! You can reach the discounts through the Facebook chatbot, Plázacica.

Between the 9th of March and the 11th of March, the Spring Coupon-days were held again at Árkád shopping centre, Budapest. However, this time digital coupons were available on Messenger and Viber besides the traditional paper ones. Thanks to Plázacica, a chatbot by Talk-A-Bot, coupon days were made significantly easier.

Many of you must be already familiar with Plázacica, Árkád’s own, SOLAL Marketing Awarded chatbot developed by Talk-A-Bot. Even though she is a cat, she has some amazing super robot-power. Not only is she able to answer the customers’ frequently asked questions (such as opening times, parking, shop details) but she also serves you a shopping list and a shop map. From this spring she got some further developments through which she massively helps your shopping spree. You only have to send the word ’coupon” in a message to her, and she will immediately list all of the discounts and coupons of the shops. Isn’t it great? Reduced prices and good rates just a couple of strokes away! Juniper Research forecasts that chatbots will be responsible for cost savings of over $8 billion per annum by 2022.

get your digital coupons from a chatbot!

Our customers loved the new solution too as the numbers showed: overall digital coupon downloads: 22.809. Even if someone didn’t make a connection with Plázacica on their phone they also could use the discounts reading the QR codes at the shops.

Certainly, you didn’t need a QR code reader application, as both Messenger and Viber have a reader inside. Thanks to this the customers could get their coupons at the very last moment, at the cashier.

We hope you enjoyed the coupon days, we won’t let you down next time either! In the meantime, read more about our chatbots or chat up Plázacica!