Mass-personalized, up-to-date information sharing enables a convenient shopping experience

The masses don’t have a face. They come in, do their thing and they leave. It is hard to get information about what they would like, what they want to see, they just simply vote by leaving and not coming back. Meanwhile the customer desk is sometimes swamped with repetitive questions about where the shops are or when do they close.

The typical questions and much more can be answered easily in our chatbots with a significant advantage: you’ll know who asked. You can build a friendly, intimate relationship with the consumer by promptly answering all the questions bothering them about availability, locations and such.

Good for you
By using digital coupons, you can get rid of all the litter, with push messages, you can promote your events, build your brand by providing content to your users according to your positioning on the market. You can do quick polls about certain things and give product search and referral capabilities. Data collection about customer behavior will help you to determine peak hours, best-selling products, and as customer demographic becomes available, it can help inventory and staff management, as well.

Good for your users
It becomes much easier to find the shops they are looking for, by collecting all data into the database of the plaza, they can get recommendations about what is available and where. In their personal profile, they can add items to their personal shopping list and get reminded to purchase those items when they visit the shopping center.

When should you use it?
If you’d like to provide automated responses for Facebook comments ensuring better consumer satisfaction and instantaneous responses. Users will automatically subscribe to the chatbot, which opens opportunities for preference-based coupons.

You can build loyalty via personal treatment. One of our shopping center customer in a 5 weeks campaign period achieved 50+ thousand new bot users, and on Facebook and Viber they got more than 130 thousand users as bot-friends. Not bad results out from the faceless masses,