Árkád Budapest shopping center – Plaza Kitty chatbot

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Project Description


March, 2017.


  • Handling emerging daily customer service issues - automatic answering for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and turn on a customer service colleague for questions that are not included in the FAQ knowledge base
  • Shopping assistant – stores the shopping list, based on the keyword search offers stores where the customer can find products, helps find the shops with attached maps
  • Create an interface for promotional messages –coupon days, promotions and unique bot coupons
  • Strengthens brand position (Fashion Plaza) – through the Public Account communicates the Árkád’s shops and recommend products with the fashion blogger of the year 2016

A 5 weeks campaign period resulted

51 333 new bot users
24 hours later the sticker pack resulted 26 000 bot friends for the Plaza Kitty chatbot


133 775 users
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