OK, but what the heck is a chatbot?

A couple of years ago it was enough to have a brand that had something to do with a working website, then it became obligatory to have a profitable Facebook page, possibly an Instagram profile, and then own mobile app, now chatbot. But what is this chatbot and why is it so good? The most important information in one place.

  • Fact: In 2016, there were more than 900 million active users on Facebook around the world, this figure is steadily increasing.
  • Fact 2: Only these users exchanged 60 billion messages per day on Messenger and Whatsapp – and just 20 billion copies per day from sms.

You can see that besides our Facebook message board, messaging in Messenger has become incredibly important: here we keep in touch with our friends, family members, and even sometimes with our colleagues. Whether you’re calling or e-mailing, in the morning or in the night, on the metro or just in the cork, in town and on vacation.

This is where the marketer wants to get involved: as a brand you want to sit next to the consumer and be there when they are shopping, buying a loan or planning a vacation for next year.

How does this work in practice?

While in “traditional” Facebook communication the contents and messages of fan sites are branded by the brand and dialogue is based on branding messages, in the chatbot based Messenger communication that is the follower, who starts the conversation with the brand. Because they have practical questions to get the answer in the quickest and easiest way:

  • “Where is KFC?” asks the shopping centre visitor
  • “Is Arctic Monkeys coming?” when they are interested whether their favorite band is coming to Sziget Festival
  • or they are just dissatisfied that “Your recipe search engine doesn’t work!”

but it’s not uncommon for you to order something through Facebook!

Chatbot automatically answers frequently asked questions. Of course, good chatbots are far more than just providing automatic customer service, but driving traffic to the brand page, providing relevant bids, supporting the sales process. It detects and analyzes, stores the user, or how we call it, the „botfriend” questions, according to our past activity with the brand.

But let’s look at a real robot.

Skyscanner’s chatbot helps with ticket reservations, for example, after a few clicks and a couple of words, it will send us the possible trips. Just let it know where you would like to travel and when, let’s allow our location to determine the starting station and have the bids on it. In the convenient, well-used framework of Facebook Messenger.

Here are some of the things we’ve developed:

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