Mass-personalized, up-to-date information sharing for content consumers of the 21st century

Content consumption is in a constant flux. It has become difficult to keep in touch with younger readers, the existing media structure is constantly getting outdated. RSS feeding is not proactive enough, since the Y and Z generation is orientated around social media.

To overcome this, you need to be where your audience is. Real-time, bidirectional, mass-personalized communication is required, but readers cannot be targeted without profiling. You must be able to provide relevant content in real time or with desired frequency, without search.

Good for you
By connecting faceless media consumers into profiled, targeted, upsellable subscribers, we enhance the capability of the media provider to manage its business. The chatbot directs traffic to your page and will increase the number of read items per capita.

Good for your users
Your audience will love that by producing interactive real-time content they can become a journalist, while you will be able to provide relevant content in real time or at a desired frequency from multiple sources right where events are unfolding.

When should you use it?
If you want to increase the traffic to your site and increase while rejuvenating the user audience, make consumption measurable on a target basis, or sending podcasts in a targeted manner, you should consider us.

Complete the picture with personal greetings, vulgarity detection, user profiling, profiled push messages, subscription selector and conversion tracking, featured articles, news bulletin sending, blog support, GDPR compliance, adult content handling and a troll proof mode, and you have arrived into the 21st century. For one of our customers, a 3 months campaign period resulted in 80 thousand chatbot users, while daily news update subscribers reached 10 thousand users.