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Hello there you random clever person,

we are looking for a startup superhero who is as smart as Tony Stark, as strong as Hulk (you don’t have to become green tho) as prepared as the Black Widow and who can prevent any cosmic-level catastrophe that can happen to a startup as Thor. We are working with chatbots, so you will be useful for the team if you:

  • know what’s going on with AI, and chatrobots these days
  • have the interest in IT stuff and developing
  • understand the fantastic internet and the online communication’s nature
  • know how to negotiate succesfully with our allies
  • have your voice to be a real member or even a project manager in our team.

If you feel like skipping the corporate bullshit, the strict and inefficient rules and you have ideas, moreover you are able to make those happen, join us and be our hero or heroine!  As an experienced superhero you won’t get a starter pack, and to be honest we won’t have time for checking you all the time, cause firstly, we have our own battles to fight every day and secondly, you need to be able to work independently. For real. If you are sure you need some startup-adrenalin every day and you wanna give it a try, send your CV and one written example of it when you saved the world (what was the situation, how did you solve it, etc) here!

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