Convenient, secure access to all finance related possibilities

The financial industry earns a lot of money, but it also spends a lot. All the branches and meeting points are expensive, the customer care is swamped and costly, the information sent out via SMS takes a lot of money. There is not enough good news for some customers, since the members of the financial industry can belong to distant and unfriendly institutions, especially for youngsters. Fine, let’s be cool, get closer, let’s give them a mobile app! Well, there is the problem that they might not download your app. Above the basic ones, an average user only has 6 apps on their phones. Will yours be among them?

Go there where your users are. They visit their friends, sit on the public transport, chat with each other and want to take care of their financial issues. They want to do it on the go or in their spare time, or simply when the need arises. This way they can sort it out without waiting in long queues at your branch or in IVRs but by finding quick and good solutions for themselves. Our chat bots enable this and much more.

Good for you
We can process complex themes related to banking services and provide a good answer with great security. Via chat banking and transacting we can provide customer satisfaction, lead generation or via a structured FAQ, lessening the stress in your customer care department. Via integration with your CRM system, you can match chatbot users with CRM entries to enrich data; collect data from CRM to provide personalized, targeted messages; or load data from the chatbots database to the backend.

Good for your users
On the go, they get easy to use ATM and Branch search, IBAN Calculator, Account, Bank Card, Credit Selector, Savings Advisor, Profile Questionnaire(s), or book appointment in their selected branch for more sophisticated cases.

When should you use it?
If you want to provide real-time information conveniently about account balance with option for card blocking, or a structured FAQ, lessening stress in your customer care, you should start using a chat bot.

We provide two-factor authentication, PSD2 based chat development for the single European market, transaction / event notification system, reference to approved partners, personal finance manager functions, loan request pre-filtering, self-service features, payment API integrations with PayPal, but many more modules and features are available, too.