Convenient, end-to-end shopping experience on the go

People are searching and comparing information about anything and everything and when they get distracted or interrupted they rarely come back to their carts. Quite often they forget about it and later they find the goods somewhere else. Let’s give them a mobile app! Well there is a problem that they might not download your app. Above the basic ones, an average user only has 6 apps on their phones. Will yours be among them?

I this case, you must be where your customers are, and they are on the chat platforms. Via our chatbots, you can reach the buyers, collect fans, provide information and build your own ecosystem.

Good for you
Based on profiling and customer history you can give personalized treatment, and unique content so you get recommended to other users much more easily. When they leave their carts you can set reminders, push notifications about special promotions, use digital coupons or vouchers as you like.

Good for your users
Shopping gets easier and more comfortable, based on their profile customers can get their “usual stuff” in 2 clicks via the integrated payment solutions on the go, anytime, anywhere. Notifications about limited offers are received instantly so no more headaches about missed opportunities.

When should you use it?
If you want to reach the younger generation, you want to be cool and chic, or simply available without a cost-heavy customer care department, chatbots can increase your revenue and the satisfaction of your buyers while providing data for your campaigns and promotions.

Our e-commerce chatbot makes shopping simple and convenient: by chatting with the bot or by browsing the catalogue, adding items to cart, checking items out and tracking delivery. We provide open API and service, transaction-based billing, workflow management, demand processing, notification handling, marketing automation and omnichannel communication (operator co-operation – hybrid bot). When one of our e-commerce customers started a special coupon campaign, they gathered more than 100 thousand users on the chatbot, 75+ thousand users received the coupon, and almost 69 thousand saw the message within 24 hours. Is this something that could be beneficial to your company?