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CHEQ Premium

Secure, personal, information-rich, one-on-one interaction between corporations and their employees

The economy is booming, and a war is going on. A constant battle for employees and contractors to fulfill the orders. The market is in demand, and the people now this. They are hard to reach, it is difficult to schedule appointments and do the necessary pre-filtering.

Everybody agrees that HR has a strategic importance, so it is necessary to reduce manual labor. HR should focus on their real target, Human Capital Management (HCM) and Employee Lifecycle Management (ELC), thus providing better employee retention and compliance, while by automating HR tasks lowering the cost of HR services. It requires innovation and competitive edge over others, enabling brand enhancement via digitalization.

Good for you
You have to be where and when your candidates and colleagues are. During worktime they cannot pick up phone calls, make appointments, fill out tests and such. Chatbots provide all the necessary pre-filtering and appointment negotiations supplemented by AI. With a context-driven chat discussion based on the job of interest, we can provide personalized job offers based on customer image. Users can upload their CV for evaluation. Tests can be filled and evaluated while stuck applications are reported.

Good for your users
They can handle their work-related matters comfortably, such as:

  • payroll related, such as online access to pay stubs, the ability to change tax withholding and deduction amounts, and logging work time and hours
  • the ability to shop for and choose benefit programs and manage open enrollment and other changes, such as major life events
  • the ability to make changes to retirement investment plans, such as changing employee contributions, setting up loans and making withdrawals
  • expense management
  • business travel management and much more…

When should you use it?
Even when you have invested in an HR portal, you should give a convenient, easy to use interface for your employees right at their fingertips that is easy to manage for your HR department.

We provide the necessary database integration, and integration with most common software solutions used by HR. Template user flows for recruiting and most popular HR tasks. It also enables a tracked, supervised, top-down official communication using chatbots.

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