CHEQ integration with Microsoft Teams – Announcement

Talk-A-Bot has integrated its flagship product, CHEQ, into Microsoft Teams. CHEQ’s main purpose is to extend digital communication towards all employees at the workplace. Above all, this integration marks a major milestone in the product strategy: it unlocks fast and simple deployment at all organizations using Teams. 

CHEQ is a new digital communication channel towards colleagues without an e-mail address or IT account. There are more than two billion people worldwide who work in service or task-oriented roles across industries such as manufacturing, retail, pharma, hospitality, etc. Currently, they receive official communication personally or on paper, even though this doesn’t fit today’s expectations towards fast and digital communication at all. In our vision, however, first-line workers are involved in the blood circulation of digital communication in every company – using CHEQ

From now on workers can connect with their employer using their favourite chat applications like Messenger, Viber, etc. This is incredibly convenient because companies do not have to put extra effort into learning the ins and outs of a brand new communication channel. Instead, they can use the existing ones in a more efficient way with CHEQ. Thanks to this new integration, head-office workers can keep in touch with all colleagues right from Teams. Furthermore, they can send messages to large groups and receive live reports about the response.

Microsoft Teams is the hub for teamwork in Office 365. Teams currently stands at 13 million daily active users and 19 million weekly active users with steady growth. It is also the centre point of Microsoft’s modern workplace vision.

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