Chatbot marketing know-how

Chatbot marketing know-how2018-09-05T16:17:23+00:00

Start discovering customer insights with our big data tools and analyze our reports. Learn fast from your users to improve content to create bidirectional communication and a lively conversation. Talk to each member of your target group in a personalized way

It’s all about the user experience! We create a seamless chat flow with easy to use features that even first-time users can comfortably manage.

As a key part of the UX we develop unique and customized bot personalities (character, communication style, avatar) to avoid the feeling of talking to a cold machine. This supports the development of trust and enhances user engagement.

We won’t let you down with your new chatbot. The Talk-A-Bot marketing team brings your new buddy into play on any online platform. With our experience of bot marketing, we can boost traffic to your new bot so that you will reach your desired audience and goals.

A chatbot with a proper marketing support will make you reach your business goals and also save a remarkable amount of money.

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