We believe that chatbot technology and marketing are successful together. Thus it is more of a ying – yang approach, one cannot live without the other. Therefor Talk-A-Bot Inc. combines these two ingredients to offer an intelligent chatbot package. Meaning that our chatbots are not only working hard and secure, but also have a cool, brand-coherent personality and communication style to achieve the highest level of customer experience.


Talk-A-Bot technology is designed for the B2B market. It combines natural language processing, chat platform independency, ready-to-launch business functions with high level of data privacy and security.

Talk-A-Bot technology has a couple of key factors. It is:

  • enterprise grade
  • data secured
  • integrated
  • with ready-to-use functions
packed all in one, resulting an intelligent business chatbot!


Chatbot marketing should be a part of your digital marketing strategy. Our aim is a two way and live communication, with functions required for your marketing and business purpose. 

With an automated chatbot service, you can forget about mobile applications, e-mails and human resources for social media maintenance.

Chatbot personality, content, knowledge, design and advertising are on us. You give the input, we make your new virtual assistant happen!

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