Last week, the Hungarian press was loud at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. In addition to what we were doing at this incredibly exciting event, MWC has also brought us two very positive developments. Let’s guess what they are!

On the 25th birthday of SMS, it seems we have to decide which communications platform will replace the much-fledged text messages. Of course, as most of the users are now turning to online chat apps, some estimates say they still do not reach as many as 3.5 billion people as SMS. Rich Communication Services (RCS) is now in its place, with more and more industry players lining up (eg, ITV, Snaptravel and Subway), and big telco providers have already launched Android on iMessage as a competitor . In Hungary, Magyar Telekom is the first to introduce, from the beginning of March, for retail and business subscribers.

What do you need to know about it?

It provides almost the same functionality to users as a chat program. The sent message can be image, sound file, video. It shows whether the other party has read the message, and also allows group chats. The difference is that no app or registration is required, all Android phones support it.

What does this mean?

RCS is not (only) interesting to users. The key question is how far providers and potential partners can see their business use. Because there is a tremendous marketing potential for different service providers and banks, they can deliver richer content to subscribers than limited-content SMS texts that contain only text.

For us, it’s a great news because they will be able to start chatbots so that no community registration is needed, just a phone number. They will be able to send their messages with SMS-like fees, and the user interface is 99.99% similar to Messenger. It is important to know that Apple is expected to support RCS soon.

As a result of this news, it was already on the spot that SMS aggregator companies all hunted for companies with chatbot solutions like Talk-A-Bot. It is a special story that we have mentioned our chatbot references, the European leader in RCS, who immediately summoned them for two hours later, because they did not know who to offer them chatbots on one of the global telecoms service booths.

What is the conclusion? There is an increasing demand for our solution in the market and we need to share our ideas globally as soon as possible. And we will!